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Here’s A Rundown On Why Just Any Bedding Will Never Do For The Single Sophisticated Man

If you want to be a high end single guy these days, you need more than a sophisticated image. Don’t get me wrong, image really matters because you’ll be judged by it no matter what you try otherwise. But now you can mix image with style and functionality throughout your life. Even in the bedroom.

As a single professional, your bedroom serves many purposes. Not only do you have to feel great in your bedroom, but it better help you get a great sleep along with aiding in a successful bachelorhood. So the one thing that can help in all levels are your bed sheets.

It might be a surprise to you, but the best sheet for function as well as image is pure silk. And yes, this is the same silk that you might think has a dark history or tarnished view because of the 70s.

This really is the best lifestyle bed sheet and it has nothing to do with the Hefner days with the wild playboy types you may be thinking of. This is what I’m talking about.

You can get silk in great colors for guys from dark blacks to graphite grays. It’s amazing what a black or a dark color silk can do for your rooms look. What is really nice is when you pair a really dark color like this with a white or blue that makes your bed pop.

But silk is not just about the luxury look, it’s really about how it can improve your sleep. When it comes to comfort and most importantly, breathability, nothing else can come close. It has the unique capability to help handle when you sweat and get hot but at the same time, it will keep you really warm and comfortable when the outside temperature is cold outside. It can do the same when it’s cold however. It will keep you warm without being too hot, think of it like keeping your temperature set to what it should be.

So give silk another look because it’s something that will shock you and shock your visitors as well.

If you need more help with amazing bedding then can be the resource you are looking for. They make find mulberry silk sheets to fit a guy easy to do with their color selection and options too.

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